Monthly Archives: October 2010

Holm Oak Tree Acorns

Acorns on a Holm Oak Tree (Quercus ilex). Also known as the Holly Oak this large evergreen oak is native to the Mediterranean region was …

Ivy on a Wall

Ivy growing on the wall of a disused building.

Winchfield Church

St. Mary the Virgin Church in Winchfield, Hampshire which was built during the Norman invasion of Britain in the 12th century.

Eyeworth Pond

A New Forest pony takes a dip in Eyeworth Pond near Fritham. The pond was created in the 1860s by damming Latchmore Brook to supply …

Lepe Watch House

The Watch House, the former lifeboat station at Lepe in the New Forest National Park, Hampshire.

Washing Up Bubbles

Bubbles in a washing-up bowl.

Icy Bridge

An icy footbridge over a stream.

Sweet Chestnut Tree Leaves

Backlit leaves on a Sweet Chesnut tree (Castanea sativa) also known as Marron.

Waste Water Pipe

iPhone Hipstamatic shot of a waste water pipe at Stokes Bay, Gosport, Hampshire.

Wight Link Ferry

Wight Link car ferry 'Wight Light arrives at a moonlit Lymington from Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. Built at the Brodogradiliste Kraljevica shipyard in Croatia, 'Wight …